Langley Ward
Lanchester Road Hospital
Lanchester Road

Tel: 0191 4415850 / 0191 4415852

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About the service

Langley is a 10 bedded locked rehabilitation ward for male individuals who are 18 years and over, have a diagnosis of learning disabilities and who have come into contact with the criminal justice system or have the potential to come into contact with the criminal justice system.

These individuals who come into the service are usually detained under the Mental Health Act, but on occasions the ward has individuals who are informal patients.

The 24 hour service aims to provide treatment and support to individuals to manage their risks and improve their skills so they can leave hospital and live in the community independently or with support.

Treatments available within this service consist of medication, one to one sessions or group work, which are provided by the psychology department, forensic community team, speech and language therapy, or the individual's named nurse.

The Langley Ward team

The team consists of a ward manager, deputy ward manager, registered nurses, nursing support workers, a ward clerk and housekeepers.

Langley also has nursing students come to work with them as part of team.

How to access the service

Referrals to the service come from the low secure forensic service and from medium secure hospitals outside of the Durham area.

Once the referral request letter is received by the consultant psychiatrist in charge of the ward a registered nurse will assess the individual to see if they are suitable for the service. The registered nurse will then make arrangements to visit the team where the individual is living to gather information. Once all the information is gathered, professionals involved in the service will meet to decide if the individual is suitable based on the information gathered. If the individual is suitable the referring team will be notified and an appointment would be made to visit the individual to discuss the decision and gather their thoughts, feelings and wishes.

If beds are available on the ward the individual is invited to visit before the admission takes place. If beds are not available the individual's name will be placed on a waiting list.

About the ward

Langley is a 10 bedded ward with en-suite bathrooms.

The ward consists of an activity room with a pool table, communal lounge, visitor’s room, patient’s kitchen and dining room, laundry room and a clinic where medication and examination can be carried out in a private area. There are also two offices where patient information can be discussed confidentially.

Individuals are provided with structured activities, Monday to Friday, whilst on the ward which consist of numeracy and literacy, cooking, crafts, discussion groups, patients' meetings, various health promotion sessions and a computer with internet access, although this can be restrictive depending on the individuals risks and it is monitored at all times. The team also encourage their longer term individuals to attend day placements within the community, which promotes occupational activities.

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome but are encouraged to telephone the ward to arrange a convenient time to visit.

Visitors are not permitted to smoke on the ward and are not permitted to smoke in any trust building or grounds

Meal times

The ward does not have protective meal times but does discourage any form of visiting during mealtimes.

Breakfast: As required, before 9.15am
Lunch: 12 noon
Evening meal: 5.00pm
These times can be flexible to suit ward activities.