If your behaviour is a problem for you and others, we have team members who are trained to support you. 

This is done through what we call a care pathway.  This helps us to make sure you get the right care at the right time for you. 


What is involved?

We will ask you questions about:

  • your life
  • things that you like doing
  • things you don’t like doing. 

We will talk to your family or carers to find out:

  • more about you
  • why there might be problems
  • with the things you do sometimes.


We need to talk to your family or carers so we can help you and those around you find a better way of managing any problems. 

We might need to ask your family or carers to fill in forms and charts about your behaviour.

This helps us to see what might cause you to do these things, and to work out how we can help.


The meeting

When we have enough information we will hold a meeting 

  • to talk about what we think we have found out
  • to think about how we can support you better.

So you don’t need to show these behaviours so much in future.


We start to help you:

  • think of good ideas to help you
  • we will explain these to you and your family or carers
  • when everyone is ready we will ask them to start to do the things we believe will help you
  • we will then watch very closely to see if they do help.


Sometimes we need to change our ideas to make sure they help. 

We will keep working with you and your family or carers until you are enjoying life more.



Leaflet reference:        L821

Version:                       V2

Date last updated:       03/2017

Archive date:               03/2020


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