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What is a liaison nurse?

A liaison nurse is for adults with learning disabilities.

A liaison nurse may be able to help you when you are in hospital, or when you have an out patient appointment.

How can the hospital liaison nurse help you?

If you know you are coming into hospital, the liaison nurse can help you and hospital staff prepare.

The liaison nurse can arrange for someone to come with you to your first appointment. This is called a pre-assessment visit.

It is important for the staff to talk to you about your health and how you are feeling.

The hospital liaison nurse can help when you are in hospital at:

  • University Hospital of North Durham
  • Darlington Memorial Hospital
  • Bishop Auckland General Hospital
  • Chester le Street Community Hospital
  • Shotley Bridge Community Hospital

If you are admitted to another hospital the liaison nurse can also help you.

What can the liaison nurse do?

  • If you need extra support the liaison nurse can visit you on the ward.
  • The liaison nurse can work with staff and carers to make you feel safe and well looked after.
  • Help the people who care for you.
  • If you are having an operation or tests the liaison nurse can give you easy read leaflets to help you understand.
  • Can arrange a visit to the ward or the department where you can meet the staff who will be caring for you.
  • Can make sure you have a 'hospital passport' booklet to bring into hospital. This tells the hospital staff important things about you, like how you eat and drink or how you take your medication. It helps the hospital staff to get to know you. If you don't have a 'hospital passport' and would like one the liaison nurse can help to complete it.
  • Help staff to know how to care for people with learning disabilities.
  • Make sure hospital staff have all the information they need about you so you get the right care.
  • Work with community nurses and social workers involved in your care.


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