What does a health facilitator do?

A health facilitator is someone who is there to help you stay healthy. They can help you learn about things like healthy eating and how to get fit. They can help you arrange appointments like the dentist or chiropodist.

Your health facilitator can also help you make your own health action plan. A health action plan is a way of remembering what you are going to do to help you stay healthy.

Our health facilitation teams work closely with other agencies like GPs, local authorities, care organisations and other NHS trusts to support people with learning disabilities improve and maintain good health

The teams work to raise the profile of people with learning disabilities within mainstream services. They implement systems to improve access to health care and work with individuals with learning disabilities to help improve their health.

Our health facilitation teams


Flatts Lane Centre

Flatts Lane, Normanby, Middlesbrough


Tel: 01642 283458


Council offices

Green Lane, Spennymoor, DL16 6JQ

Team contact Tel: 03000 269988

Team manager Tel: 03000 269967


Hundens Lane Resource Centre, Darlington

Tel: 01325 522050

Health action plans

A hand held health assessment/health record has been developed to empower people to take control of and improve their own health through using a 'health action plan'. 

Primary care

The teams train primary care staff in the health needs of people with a learning disability. They help GP practices to develop learning disability registers and to make sure that annual health checks are made available for all people with learning disabilities. 

Hospital services

The teams also work closely with local acute NHS trusts and liaison nurses to improve access to hospital services. 

Health promotion

The teams work with people with learning disabilities to raise awareness of health issues through one to one education sessions and health promotion groups. They have also worked with partners to develop accessible health information.