Some of the challenges we work with include:

  • Physical aggression
  • Verbal aggression
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Self injurious behaviour.

The specialist health team works indifferent places depending where you spend time.

The specialist health team provides functional assessment of the challenging behaviour in the place where it occurs, such as:

  • Workplace
  • Home
  • Community places.

They also work with local integrated/community learning disability teams and other agencies.

Feedback on our services

The team helped to facilitate a transition from school to college for Zoe. This was very successful and the team were very proud of Zoe, who received a certificate of congratulations from us.

Zoe's Mum got in touch to say: "Thank you for all your help in supporting Zoe with her transition from school to college. We would have been lost without your help."

The team has worked with a service user called Jack, to overcome his anxiety. Over time and with gradual and regular support from the team Jack became less withdrawn and even participated in community activities, which was a huge achievement.   

Meet the team

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