About the team

The My Shared Pathway team is based at Ridegeway, Roseberry Park in Middlesbrough.

The team, who formed in August 2012, aims to improve service users' experience in secure care at Ridegeway, helping them achieve the life they want to lead, both now and in the future.

My Shared Pathway is part on the National Secure Services Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme. It has a real focus on recovery, identifying and achieving outcomes and streamlining the pathway for service users within secure settings.

This way of working ensures that service users are treated as individuals by looking at each person's needs. They are encouraged to find new ways of meeting their needs by looking at the whole pathway through secure care, from the very start.

The team is made up of Katie Ferguson, speech and language therapist, Gary Riding, ward manager, Rachael Aldus, staff nurse, Bobbie Stockhill, occupational therapist, Zoe Birtwistle and Sarah Clayton, nursing assistants.

Pathway workbooks

The team works with staff and other agencies before admission, during a patient's stay and when they leave, helping service users to find their way through this part of their life that can at times be very confusing and difficult to manage. By using a series of workbooks, informaiton is gathered that helps to aid recovery and reflect on why they may be in hospital. This information is collected in one place and used by all staff involved in the care pathway. Once the workbooks have been filled in, the team work with the service user to plan their goals for the next feww weeks, months and years.

The focus of My Shared Pathway is a shared understanding of each and every service user that enters TEWV's secure services.

Patient portfolios

A patient's portfolio is:

  • a continuing record for the patient
  • a document that shows important milestones from the patient's journey
  • central to help engagement between staff and patients
  • something that moves with the patient from stage to stage, and through services 
  • personal and individual to each patient