Planning for your discharge from hospital

Throughout your stay in hospital you have had regular CPA meetings and at each of these your progress, your treatment and your discharge have been discussed with you.

When you are ready for discharge, we will plan with you to find the most suitable place for you to live. 

Discharge into the community

If it is planned for you to move into the community when you are ready for discharge, you will be referred to the community forensic team.

When you are discharged into the community, you may have different professionals looking after you, for example you may have a different;

•           consultant

•           social worker

•           nurse.

You will meet some of the people from the community forensic team and get to know them before you leave hospital.

What will happen before I am discharged?

At six months before discharge - a CPA meeting will be held and will include all professionals involved in your current and future care.

At this meeting we will develop discharge intervention plans with you. 

At three months before discharge - we will have a CPA meeting and at this meeting we will review the discharge intervention plans. We will also check that everything is moving forward as planned for your discharge.

What will happen when I am discharged?

There will be another CPA meeting, and your care will be transferred from a secure in-patient service to your new community forensic team.

Within a week after you have been discharged, you will be visited by one of the community forensic care team involved in your care.

They will talk to you to see how you are doing and offer any extra support you might need. 



Leaflet reference: L833

Version: V2

Date last updated: 04/04/17

Archive date: 04/04/20


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