Advice and support

Our adult learning disabilities dietetic team provide dietetic advice and support to service users, families and carers to reduce the incidence of obesity and malnutrition in the adult learning disability population.  They also provide enteral feeding regimes for service users who require their nutrition and hydration needs to be met via artificial nutrition support.

As part of the wider multi-disciplinary team, our dietitians works closely with speech and language therapists to manage the nutritional requirements of patients with complex needs.

Education sessions are also provided to service users, families, carers and staff.

The adult learning disabilities team continue to support and develop the Trust's pathways, provide supervision to other dietitians and students and teach on the Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Course, at the University of Teesside.

We work closely with acute and community colleagues to support service users through a period of transitional care to ensure continuity. For example, helping a young person move into the adult service from childrens' services or liaising with acute dietetic colleagues if a service user spends time in hospital.

The dietitians are part of the Teesside Enteral Feeding Consortia.  This means we will arrange for all feeds and feeding equipment to be delivered by Nutricia for the service user and/or their carer. Our adult learning disabilities dietitian will liaise closely the Nutricia nurse who will visit the service user in their home to ensure safe feeding practices and we endeavour to keep your GP up-to-date with a service user's nutritional progress.