A Weight Off Your Mind 

We’re part of a regional weight management plan which aims to address the weight management needs of people with mental illness and/or learning disabilities in our care. We recognise this is a health inequality issue and we want to bring the physical health, life expectancy and quality of life of our service users in line with those of the general population.


Read our plans for weight management

The plan was launched in January 2018. It’s a long-term piece of work which we’ll be putting into place over the next three years. You can read our plans here:


There's more support information and useful links here on the regional webpage

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Some things we’re looking at for patients of all ages include:

  • More physical health screening of our patients 
  • Providing healthy food and drink for all patients, staff and visitors. This will include promoting healthy recipes, removing drinks containing added sugar and meeting healthy eating guidelines 
  • Producing Trust guidance on restrictive practice in relation to food and drink including takeaways and portion sizes 
  • Physical activity to be prescribed alongside medications which are known to cause weight gain 
  • Providing information about on the impact of medication on weight gain
  • Making sure psychologists and therapists have the ability to include healthy eating and activity in assessments and treatment plans
  • Making sure everyone with learning disabilities has an annual health check and that issues relating to capacity and choice around diet and physical activity are fully addressed


Working together

The weight management plan is a partnership with Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, the Northern Clinical Network, Public Health England, local authorities, Teesside University, service users and carers.