It helps family members express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely.


The aim is for families to:

  • better understand each other’s experiences and views
  • appreciate each other’s needs
  • build on family strengths
  • make useful changes in their relationships and lives. It can help to identify problematic patterns that happen in family interactions, and provide an opportunity to think about ways of trying to do things differently.
  • Benefits can include;
  • more openness and honesty in family communications
  • family members feeling more understood and less blamed
  • more enjoyable family times.


When are the sessions? 

Tuesday afternoon at 1.30pm or 3.15pm

The sessions usually last for approximately 1 hour.


How many sessions will we need?

Your family’s needs and circumstances will influence the number of sessions we might offer. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  


Who has to come?

You can bring along whoever you wish to the sessions. We expect you might want to bring your immediate family members.

You are welcome to include anyone else who you feel is important to your family.

As we continue working together, we might occasionally decide to only meet with part of the family, we will discuss this with you first.


What happens in sessions?

It is normal to feel a little nervous about talking in therapy. Remember you are the experts on your family and how it works.

The therapist meeting with you is there to support you in finding your own solutions to the problems you are bringing, rather than telling you what you should do.

During sessions you may meet with one or two therapists and the rest of the family therapy team will observe through a one-way screen. They are there to help the therapist by taking notes and making points for discussion and consultation.

Towards the end of the session the observing team may enter the room to provide some reflections on what they have heard or observed.

This will be discussed with you further during your first session and you will be to ask any questions to familiarise yourself with the process.


Questions - if you have any questions you are welcome to talk your lead professional or you can speak to a member of the family therapy team.


Leaflet reference: L859
Version: V2
Date last updated: 09 / 2017
Archive date: 09 / 2020


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