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The Teesside children and young people's services (CYPS) specialist eating disorders unit is based at The Glades at West Lane Hospital.

We work with young people up to 18 years of age who have difficulties with eating.

Children and young people who attend the service may have been seen by their local CAMHS service (Child and Adolescent Mental Health) and / or a paediatrician.

This service provides specialised multi-disciplinary assessment, treatment and evaluation of care for young people and their families. This leaflet provides information about the initial contact with the service.

The service is made up of different professionals; doctors, psychologists, mental health nurses and dieticians.



You will initially be offered a set of assessment appointments:

  • Family / dietetic

Two members of staff, including a dietician will meet with you and your parents or carers. We will talk about the current difficulties and gather some background information.

The dietician will carry out an assessment to look at dietary intake and discuss food related issues in detail.

  • Individual

This is an appointment for you on your own, giving you the opportunity to talk alone. You may also be asked to complete a questionnaire about your eating behaviours and other aspects of your life.

  • Physical monitoring

Your blood pressure, pulse and temperature will be checked along with any other necessary physical assessment. Blood samples will be taken to allow for blood tests to be carried out. Your weight and height will be measured.

  • Psychiatric and / or paediatric

An appointment to meet with a psychiatrist within our service or a local paediatrician may be required if specific difficulties need to be discussed / addressed.

  • Feedback

This is a session where we bring together everything that has been talked about and what this means. This will include if we think you have an eating disorder, what we can do to help, what happens next and any questions that you or your family may have.

When you attend appointments, anything you or your family tell us is confidential. There are times when we are required to share information, for example if we are made aware of anyone being at risk of harm.  If we are required to pass this information on we will discuss this with you.

One telephone number to contact Teesside CAMHS services

The child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) across Teesside has one telephone number to contact the appropriate CAMHS team for your area. To contact the team please call 0300 013 2000 and choose from one of the following options:

  • Option 1 - Training department
  • Option 2 - Middlesbrough CAMHS
  • Option 3 - Redcar CAMHS
  • Option 4 - Hartlepool CAMHS
  • Option 5 - Stockton CAMHS
  • Option 6 - CAMHS crisis and liaison team
  • Option 7 - CAMHS specialist eating disorders service (Teesside)


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08 / 2017

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08 / 2020


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