Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale children and young people's health team, learning disability service is based at:

Eastfield Clinic
Westway, Eastfield,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO16 11EG

Tel: 01723 580940

Fax: 01723 580946

About the service

We support children and young people with a learning disability, and those who support them (parents, school staff, carers etc), to develop strategies and approaches and understanding of the child's needs.

This may be in areas such as:

  • Behaviour that is a challenge
  • Growing up and understanding change (both physical and emotional)
  • Socio sexual health
  • Sleep
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Anger
  • Developing a pain profile
  • Transitions
  • Developing communication tools for home including social story based work to help people understand process.

Our aim is to enable children and young people with a learning disability to maximise their potential and have fair and equal access to health care 

Treatment and therapies offered by the service

  • Behavioural assessment and planning
  • Sexual knowledge assessment and education
  • Sleep assessment and planned intervention
  • Disability assessment distress tool (DISDAT) pain profiling

The staff we have on our team include...

  • Community nurses
  • Healthcare assistant
  • Input and support from clinical psychology

Being referred to this service

We have an open referral process, this means anyone can refer.

People will be seen (usually at home) as soon as is possible for a comprehensive assessment and possible intellectual disability screening assessment.

They will be seen by a qualified community nurse and the needs of the child or young person and family will be explored. We may need to speak to other people who know you to get more detailed information (eg school, social worker, respite provider) but we will get your consent to do this.

The assessment process can take up to 6 weeks then we will discuss your needs in the team meeting to explore if there is something we may be able to help you with. We will let you know the outcome of the assessment and then what happens next.