Until you are 18, your care and treatment will be provided by the trust's child and adolescent eating disorder service.

When you are 18 you'll be transferred to our adult eating disorder service. We call this time transitions.

It's important for you to receive support from the adult service to continue in your recovery.

We know moving from the young peoples to the adult service may cause some anxiety for patients, carers and families.

Both our young people's and adult services will work closely with you to help you through this time to make sure that it is as smooth and problem free as possible.

How will your transition work?

When you turn 17 years and 4 months old, the transition process will begin. You will continue to receive care and treatment from the child and adolescent service. With your consent, the child and adolescent service will make a referral to the adult service. This means that they will give your details to the adult service and ask that they start providing your treatment.

A joint meeting will be held with you, your family or carer and staff from both our young people's and adult services.

At the meeting you can raise any issues or concerns and ask questions. We will work with you to produce an informal plan covering your treatment goals.

When you turn 17 years and 8 months old, a Care Programme Approach (CPA) meeting will be arranged to agree a final plan for your move to adult services. This plan will include details about your physical monitoring, psychological therapies, family and carer support and a planned ending from the child and adolescent service.

During this transitions time, you'll work with and be supported by staff from the young people's service you're already in and the adult service you're going to, so that you become familiar with your new service.

If at any time you have any worries about moving to our adult service, please speak to your care coordinator.

Adult eating disorders community service

Children and young peoples eating disorders community service


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