Where to find us

Winchester House,

South West Industrial Estate,

Peterlee, SR8 2RJ

Tel: 0191 2888400

Email: teawvnt.camhs-easington@nhs.net

About the service

The service provides assessment and treatment of children and young people (up to their 18th birthday) who may experience a range of emotional health, mental health and/or neuro-developmental problems, including ADHD.

We give consultation, advice and support for family members/carers and to professionals from health, social services, education and voluntary agencies.

We actively promote positive emotional wellbeing and mental health in children and young people.

During the first direct (face to face) contact with a child, young person and family or carer we will carry out an assessment of the individual's emotional or mental health and/or neuro-developmental difficulties.

Following this assessment, input, treatment or care packages are agreed. The type and length of these will be determined by the complexity and severity of the problem.

These may include a child or young person being seen individually, family work, family or carer support or group therapy. Examples of treatment and care packages may include:

  • Specialist assessments
  • Individual therapy
  • Child and adolescent psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Pharmacological therapy
  • Consultation, advice and support.

The team

The Easington community team includes:

  • Medical secretaries, social communication assessment team secretary and team secretary
  • Team manager
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Specialist nurse
  • Qualified mental health nurses
  • Clinical child psychologist
  • Assistant clinical psychologist
  • Trainee child and adolescent psychotherapist
  • Consultant psychiatrists
  • Consultant clinical child psychologist
  • Support worker.

How to access the service

The child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) across County Durham and Darlington has a single point of access for referrals and self-referrals to CAMHS services. To contact the team please email tewv.camhscountydurhamdarlington@nhs.net or call 0300 1239296.

You may be referred to this service by a member of staff from health services, social services, education or a voluntary agency. They will need the consent of the identified young person or person with parental responsibility.

Initial assessment appointments are offered initially by phone, but in situations where we are unable to contact a family then an appointment letter will be sent out.

The initial appointments are held mainly at Winchester House. Any follow up appointments are negotiated with the service user or carer to fit around arrangements of all concerned.

This initial assessment lasts for approximately 90 minutes and ideally the child or young person and parents or carers should attend. The purpose of this appointment is to gather enough information to make an informed decision as to the most appropriate way forward.