Colin Jay is the head of chaplaincy. Colin works mainly in Darlington and South Durham and is based at West Park Hospital, Darlington.



Graham Peacock is chaplain in North Yorkshire and also to the young people’s wards at West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough.



Ibrahim Meah is mainly based at Roseberry Park, Middlesbrough but does also visit at Lanchester Road Hospital, Durham. As Muslim chaplain he is also available to people across the whole trust.



Jurgen Muller is a Roman Catholic chaplain to those parts of the trust north of the Tees. He has particular responsibility for the older people’s wards at Auckland Park Hospital, Bishop Auckland and the Bowes Lyon Unit, Lanchester Road Hospital, Durham.


Osaro Omobude is Chaplain to services in Hartlepool and Stockton and also works at Roseberry Park Hospital, Middlesbrough.


Paul Walker is chaplain at Lanchester Road Hospital, Durham.


Bernard Morgan is a Roman Catholic Chaplain at Roseberry Park Hospital, Middlesbrough.



Liane Kensett is our chaplain covering the York area of our Trust.



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