24/7 crisis service

As a 24/7 service we respond to individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis. We assess people who are presenting with acute mental health problems or who have significant risks to themselves or others.

Following assessment the team arrange appropriate aftercare, which could be admission to hospital, or intensive community support from the Home Based Treatment team for those service users who can be safely supported in their own homes.

Carers and family can also contact the service if they are concerned about someone’s mental health.

Tel: 01904 526582  

Section 136 and Street Triage support

We also staff the Health Based Place of Safety (Section 136 suite) at Bootham Park Hospital and care for those service users who are detained by the police under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act rather than them being taken to the police cells. 

Our Street Triage team also provide support to the police if they have concerns about members of the public who come to the attention of the police. Support can be in the form of telephone advice to the officers at the scene or operators in the force control room, as well as going out and having direct contact.

York Liaison Mental Health Team 

Our liaison mental health team, based in the York hospital, are a valuable link between physical and mental health.  We provide a dedicated 24 hour a day, 7 day a week rapid access to mental health assessment, support and intervention for: 

  • people aged 16 years and over who come to A&E with mental ill health
  • patients in the hospital aged 16 to 65 years experiencing emotional distress

Where we’re based

Peppermill Court, Ramsay Close, York YO31 8SS