What is standard care?

Standard care describes the way mental health professionals work with you, your family and carers to:

  • assess your needs
  • develop a care plan outlining your treatment, care and support
  • allocate a lead professional to support you
  • review your care.


Your care plan

Your care plan is a jointly agreed plan between you and your lead professional. The care plan may be in the form of a letter which outlines your assessed needs, any risks to you or others, personal goals and interventions available to progress your recovery.


Who is a lead professional?

A lead professional is a named worker who will make sure that you, your family, carers and supporters have access to information, provide interventions and ensure there is appropriate care and support for you.


Involvement of family, carers and supporters

The standard care process recognises the importance and value of friends, family and carers in supporting you. They can be involved in your assessment, developing your care plan and reviews with your agreement.

The views of your friends, family and carers might be different to your own views so it is also important that they are considered separately including the impact of their support and caring role on their own health and wellbeing.


Care plan review

A review of your care plan will be carried out every 12 months or sooner at your request or anyone involved in providing support, including your family or carers.

A review is between you and your lead professional and it is important to consider all information from those involved in your care, treatment and support.


Leaflet reference: L852
Version: V2
Date last updated: 12 / 2017
Archive date: 12 / 2020


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