If you're receiving treatment from us for mental ill health you will have the phone number of your local crisis team in your care plan.

For people without a care plan, or if you can't find it:

  • Telephone your GP surgery and ask for an emergency appointment. If you phone and the surgery is closed there should be a recorded message giving you an emergency contact number to call
  • Telephone your mental health worker or care co-ordinator if you have one
  • Go to the accident and emergency department at your local hospital if there has been an injury or another physical health problem.

More information on what to do in a crisis.

About the Redcar and Cleveland service

The Redcar and Cleveland intensive home treatment/crisis resolution team is based at:

  • Foxrush House, Green Square, Kirkleatham Business Park, Redcar, TS10 5RS
  • Tel number: 01642 838300

The role of the intensive home treatment / crisis resolution team is to provide assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care to clients in mental health crisis. The service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The team provides a rapid response for acceptance to the service, assessment and treatment or ensuring referral and liaison with other services and agencies.

The crisis team also works with the acute wards at Roseberry Park to facilitate early discharge from the ward back to the person's home.

The service is available to residents of Redcar and Cleveland locality aged 18 to 65 within working hours and 16 and up for clients with a functional mental health problem.

The team

The team includes consultant psychiatric nurses (CPNs), approved mental health professionals (AMHPs) and support workers. The team is also supported by three medics.

How to access the service

Referrals to the service can be made by health and social care professionals and if patients are currently involved with secondary mental health services they are able to self refer outside office hours.

Following a referral the team will carry out an assessment of the patient's mental health within 4 hours, to clarify mental health problems and risk.

After the assessment the team will form a plan to either discharge the patient back to their GP, arrange a home treatment plan or signpost the patient to the most appropriate service.

If a home treatment plan is agreed and carried out, the team will formulate a relapse management plan prior to discharge from the service or refer to another mental health team for longer term support.