The primary care mental health team (Hambleton and Richmondshire) are based at:

Gibraltar House

Thurston Road

Northallerton, DL6 2NA

Tel number: 01609 751850

Fax number: 01609 751914

About the service

The primary care mental health team provides a service for adults with mild to moderate mental health problems in the Hambleton and Richmondshire area. The service can see patients aged 16 and over with the requirement that they have left school and includes older persons who do not have an organic cause.

The team is made up of primary care mental health link workers and counsellors who have specialised in mental health and have a professional background. The staff work predominantly within GP surgeries where they see patients referred by their GP. As the GPs have medical responsibility for the patient the team maintain good communication with the referrers.

Treatments and therapies offered

Staff work with patients on a one to one basis who are referred with psychological wellbeing issues, such as:

  • depression
  • post natal depression
  • anxiety problems which are affecting their ability to function
  • low self esteem
  • stress or adjustment reactions to life events.

The team will assess the patient's needs and then, if suitable, follow up with brief interventions, signpost patients accordingly to appropriate services and provide guided self help information. The approach taken will be relevant to meet the assessed need of each patient. This can include problem solving, education around mental health conditions, coping strategies, challenging negative thoughts and increasing wellbeing management.

They can offer up to 12 sessions for primary care brief therapy intervention and counsellors offer up to 6 sessions, helping to address problems that effect their quality of life and relationships.

The primary care mental health team

The Hambleton and Richmondshire primary care mental health team includes counsellors, a senior counsellor, a mental health nurse and occupational therapists.

How to access the service

To access the service a referral must be made by the patient's GP. This is where the majority of referrals come from and the team work closely with all the GPs in the local area to provide a service within the GP surgeries, where the majority of patients are seen.

If a patient is struggling with their mental health they need to see their GP who will then make a referral to the service, if appropriate. Patients cannot self refer.

The service can also be accessed via other mental health teams who will liaise with primary care to see if the patient meets the referral criteria.

Once the referral is received the team will contact the patient either by telephone or letter within four weeks with an assessment appointment.

How does the assessment work?

The assessment lasts for up to one hour and the patient will be asked more questions about their current problems, their situation and what they are struggling with.

The patient will complete a questionnaire about their mood and anxieties and then a decision will be made together about which direction they will now take.