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Middlesbrough access team


Park Road North



Tel. 01642 579200

Fax. 01642 579201

About the service

The Access Service provides secondary mental health care assessment to adults aged between 18 and 65 years who live in the Middlesbrough area.

The service will ensure that all assessment outcomes are conveyed to the appropriate agencies to ensure that all individuals are provided with the appropriate care and treatment as quickly as possible following assessment completion.

The team

The access team includes:

  • Consultant psychiatrist
  • Community psychiatric nurses/access clinicians.

How to access the service

All referrals for assessment by specialist (secondary) mental health services should be written and sent to the single point of access.  

Referrals are accepted from general practitioners and partnership agencies.

All referrals received by the access team will be reviewed on a daily basis with particular emphasis on risk and urgency.


Information about what will happen at your first appointment can be found here.