The mental health centre is a health and adult services resource, based in Scarborough, which is part of the integrated mental health services in Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale.

  • Tel number: 01609 797711

The resource centre provides a variety of services to promote people's independence and social inclusion.

In house

  • Recovery - There are 6 short term bedsit rooms for the assessment and development of independence skills.
  • Respite - There are 2 bedrooms which are used for respite stays. These can be used to give carers a break, to avoid relapse or for a brief stay following hospital discharge. These stays are subject to charges, unless subject to Section 117 Care Planning.

Community services

  • People also receive support in the community according to assessed needs. Workers support people to live independently and to engage in their community.

The resource centre team

The resource centre team has a manager and deputy manager.

It's 8 keyworkers have a dual role of lead professional as part of the care programmes offered and as duty officers in the day to day running of the centre.

Four support time and recovery workers (STR) support people staying at the centre and those living in the community.

How to access the service

Referrals are made through the community mental health teams (CMHTs) who carry out a comprehensive assessment of the patient's needs. The services offered by the mental health resource centre may form only part of a person's care plan or may be a single service managed by a lead professional.

Enquiries are welcome from all agencies, service users and carers.