The service offers early and timely mental health assessments and interventions. 

A member of staff from the mental health liaison service may visit you if you are  

  • attending accident and emergency (A&E) or are staying on an acute hospital ward for a physical health illness, injury or a procedure and...

  • are aged over 18 years old and…

  • staff think you need, or would benefit from, mental health support.     

About the team

We are primarily a mental health / learning disability nurse-led service however, there are other members of the team who are from different disciplines who may be consulted or asked to be involved in your care including a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, occupational therapist or support worker.

You will be given the opportunity to talk about your concerns in a private setting.

All sensitive information will remain confidential as far as possible however, information may be shared if risks to yourself or others, including children, are identified. 

We will also let you GP know you have been seen by a member of the liaison psychiatry team. 

We aim to

  • provide comprehensive assessment and short-term therapeutic intervention for people experiencing mental health concerns or difficulties
  • offer advice, information and support which may develop positive ways of coping in the future
  • refer to appropriate agencies or services for follow up care where necessary; these services will only be arranged with your prior agreement (unless it is thought you need further assessment under the Mental Health Act 1983). 

We will talk about coping strategies which could be helpful for you 

Examples include; exercise, talk to a supportive friend/family member, listen to music, watch TV/DVD, socialising (text/mail/social networking), cooking/baking, doing something creative i.e. painting etc., shopping, change of scenery, driving, days out, relaxation, pampering or having a bath.  

What can I do to keep myself safe?
What have I done in the past that has helped?
Who is around who can help?
The things that are most important for me in life and worth living for

Reference:  L937 
Version: v2 
Last updated:  14 / 11 / 2017 
Archive date:  14 / 11 / 2020