The acute hospital liaison service is based at Scarborough Hospital, Woodlands Drive, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6QLTel: 01723 342663

About the service

The liaison psychiatry service provides assessments and a signposting service for patients aged 16 and over, who present with mental health problems at Scarborough Hospital.

The service operates from 10am - 7pm, Monday to Friday with the team based at the main hospital site.

This means that patients admitted to accident and emergency (A&E) who have mental ill health will be seen more quickly by mental health specialists, and a treatment and care plan can be created for them immediately. It also helps to reduce any unnecessary acute hospital admissions for patients.

The liaison psychiatry service also works with acute colleagues to increase detection rates for patients who have developed dementia or depression, and provide support to ward staff who are caring for patients with mental health problems.

Many older people in general hospital have mental health problems and these are often unrecognised or untreated. Depression, delirium, dementia and anxiety are all common illnesses, and the care of patients with these problems can be especially complicated.

The team also works with acute colleagues to promote greater awareness, knowledge, acceptance and understanding of mental health issues. 

The team offers

  • Mental health assessments and reports 
  • Advice about treatment and care of patients with mental health problems 
  • Development of plans of care for patients 
  • Information for patients and carers 
  • Referrals to other specialist mental health workers (psychiatrists, psychologists, community nurses etc) 
  • Liaison (communication and negotiation) between mental health services and the general hospital

About the team

The liaison psychiatry team includes:

  • Consultant psychiatrist sessions 
  • Clinical team lead  
  • Associate nurse consultants  
  • Psychiatric liaison nurses (all with specialist knowledge)
  • Administration staff 

How to access the service

If you think you would benefit from this service you should speak to the nurse looking after you and ask to be referred to the mental health liaison service.  Referrals are accepted within the hours of service. Call the team for more information.