Adult services - Harrogate and Craven

IHTT (Intensive Home Treatment Team )

Briary Wing

Harrogate District Hospital

Lancaster Park Road

Harrogate, HG2 7SX

Tel number: 01423 553778

About the service

The service is currently for adults aged 18 to 65 years presenting with an acute mental health need of such severity that without the potential involvement of an intensive home treatment team (IHTT), may require an admission to a mental health unit.

The service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The assessment and intensive home treatment team (IHTT) have two main functions. These are:


The team will consider, as a minimum, the presenting problem, clinical signs and symptoms, risks, previous history/contact with mental health services, carers and dependant children needs/risks (making appropriate safeguarding referrals if necessary), interpersonal relationships, social/family support networks, accommodation status and their willingness to engage.

Following the assessment a discussion will be held with the individual, carers and family, and any relevant others regarding the options which are:

  • A period of intensive home treatment
  • Direction/signposting to other services or agencies
  • No further involvement required
  • Admission to an inpatient facility.

Following assessment the referrer will be informed of the outcome and of any recommendations as soon as possible, in writing.

Intensive home treatment

Following on from assessment, the IHTT will offer comprehensive acute mental health treatments or interventions at the individual's home or alternative community facility. This will continue until the acute episode is resolved.

Interventions offered will reflect the needs identified at assessment. These may include:

  • Specialist mental health assessment
  • Daily review and monitoring
  • Assertively engaging individuals with services
  • Pharmacological review/treatment initiation/titration
  • Identifying and discussing contributing factors
  • Ongoing involvement of carers and family where appropriate
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Enhancing problem solving techniques
  • Devising a relapse prevention plan with the care coordinator, individual, their family and carers.

The team

The IHTT includes a consultant psychiatrist, senior house officer, team manager, senior clinical nurses, health care assistants and a team secretary.

How to access the service

The service can be accessed by:

  • Secondary mental health services
  • Mental health inpatient units - IHTT will offer support in planned leave to help support early discharge from the ward
  • Primary care health professionals
  • Accident and emergency departments/acute hospitals
  • Social services/emergency duty team
  • Police/forensic medical examiner working in custody suites.

Following referral the IHTT provides a prompt assessment (within 4 hours of referral being received) and where required intensive, evidence based, time limited interventions.