Intensive Home Treatment Team is based at:

Ward 15

Friarage Hospital


North Yorkshire, DL6 1JG

Tel number:01609 763702/763703

Email: (team leader) 

About the service

The intensive home treatment team provides assessment in an emergency situation - this means someone who needs to be seen within 4 hours.

The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Following assessment if treatment is needed, the team will set up regular times to visit or call clients depending on individual needs and goals.

The plan of care is decided with the client and usually lasts approximately three weeks. Within this time people may require longer term intervention and this will be organised by the team.

The purpose of the team is to provide intensive input in the patient’s home and provide care with the least disruptive option.

The team provide a range of interventions including solution focussed therapy, brief cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) alongside recovery action planning and crisis management. 

The team

The team, which has a variety of experience and skill dealing with clients in crisis, includes nurses, a social worker, a liaison worker, support workers and a team leader. 

How to access the service

The team accepts referrals from GPs, other health and social care professionals and A&E department.

Once referred the staff on duty will contact the referrer and the client to establish when they will see them and where, this maybe in their own home or at a hospital base within four hours of referral.

The assessment will include a lot of requests for information as well as the current problems. This helps the nurse to assist the client to develop the best plan of care for them.

Not all clients are taken on by the team, however if they are not they are clearly signposted to the right service. If they need to be referred to other secondary mental health services the team will make the referral.