Willow Ward
West Park Hospital
Edward Pease Way
County Durham

Tel number: 01325 552089

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About the service

Willow Ward is a rehabilitation service, which operates within the County Durham and Darlington rehabilitation service. The ward offers a rehabilitation and recovery service to people (aged 18 and over) with mental health problems in a supported environment, for the shortest period of time required.

The Willow Ward team:

  • Seeks to deliver care and support that respects individuality, personal values and diversity whilst preserving dignity and inclusion
  • Provide a high quality, specialist service that works with people in a safe environment which is welcoming, accessible and responsive to needs 
  • Develop positive relationships with individuals, their carers and friends, which are founded on hope and optimism
  • Provide a sociable and friendly environment where ordinary everyday communication and talking between service users, carers and staff is encouraged.
  • Believe in people’s strengths and abilities and offer a variety of approaches and choices which are tailored to suit the whole person.

During the rehabilitation process, treatments and therapies available include: re-learning skills such as activities of daily living (ADL); compliance with medication and understanding what the medication is for and why it is important; relapse prevention; motivational work; low impact psychological interventions; distraction techniques; and family engagement.

The Willow Ward team

Willow Ward is committed to having staff with a range of skills to help and support people. Staff are compassionate, respectful and may be approached at anytime, day or night, if you have any anxieties or worries.

We have a full multi-disciplinary team made up of a consultant psychiatrist, registered nurses, healthcare assistants, house keepers, occupational therapists, occupational therapy support workers, psychologists and student nurses.

How to access the service

Referral are made to the County Durham and Darlington inpatient rehabilitation service by a care coordinator.

Once a referral is made, a member of staff from the team will meet with the referred client to complete an assessment of their rehabilitation needs. From this a report is produced and sent to the client's care coordinator, explaining which ward is most suited to the individual's needs.
Adult inpatient challenging behaviour rehabilitation service - County Durham and Darlington

About Willow Ward

Willow Ward has 15 individual en-suite bedrooms.

There are many rooms and facilities including:

  • Dining room
  • Quiet room
  • Laundry facilities
  • Lounges (male and female)
  • Beverage bay
  • Activity area
  • Assessment kitchens
  • Visiting room
  • Garden areas.

There are a range of recreational opportunities available, which are negotiated with individuals.

Meal times

Protected mealtimes are in operation to ensure that patients are not disturbed during mealtimes and for staff to dispense medication without interruption.

Visitors are asked to avoid visiting during the following meal times:

Breakfast: 8.00am – 9.30am
Lunch: 12 noon – 1.00pm
Tea: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Visiting times

We operate open visiting which allows visitors to come to the ward at any time suitable to them. However, where possible, we ask visitors to book their visits between 8am and 8pm, and to avoid visiting during meal times.

The trust operates a children’s visiting policy (which applies to anyone under the age of 18). If there are children who are likely to visit, ward staff must be informed as soon as possible, to enable them to book the visitors room for the visit.

We would appreciate if you would respect privacy and stick to these times. If this causes any inconvenience, please contact the nurse in charge.

Visitors are not permitted to smoke whilst on the ward and smoking is not permitted in any trust buildings or grounds