Adult mental health services
59 Huntington Road
YO31 8RL

Telephone: 01904 465100

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm

Lead contact name/s: Christopher Davies / Sally King

Why group psychotherapy?

Our ability to develop and maintain good relationships with ourselves and others is based on our early social experience. Group psychotherapy offers a unique environment where we can address difficulties with support and encouragement from other people.

Group members will learn how to give and receive therapeutic help which can result in greater self-esteem and improved relationships with other people.

Who is it suitable for?

Group psychotherapy is suitable for those who experience anxiety (including social anxiety), depression and isolation. It may also help people who have other difficulties including psychological, emotional, relationship and behavioural difficulties. These can often be longstanding in nature and may have arisen from a traumatic early experience.


The groups are not diagnosis-led. Members will have a range of different conditions and illnesses and may or may not have a formal diagnosis. Therapeutic goals will vary between members.  

Groups made up of people from mixed backgrounds are usually most successful. As such participants will have different:

  • ages
  • genders
  • ethnicities
  • sexualities
  • employment status.

Often, people will have had previous therapeutic interventions.

Twice-weekly group: this group meets for 90 minutes each Monday at 1.30pm and Thursday at 9.30 pm. 

Young peoples’ group: this group meets for 75 minutes each week on a Monday at 11am. 

Assessment for the group

Following a referral to the group you will be offered an initial screening assessment.  This will be with the group psychotherapist(s).

If it is decided that group psychotherapy could be a suitable intervention, an additional appointment or appointments will be offered before you join the group.

Attendance Both groups run over the course of a year and members are asked to commit to attending throughout this period.

The groups will break in December and March/April for two weeks.  They will also have a three week break in August/September.

Care co-ordination

Generally, individuals being referred for group psychotherapy will have a care co-ordinator within their community mental health team. However this can be reviewed once you have settled in to the group.     

Referral criteria

Group psychotherapy is hosted by the personality disorder clinical network but service users referred to this group do not need to have a diagnosis of personality disorder or difficulties associated with that diagnosis.    

We accept referrals from mental health professionals in secondary mental health services.

For any referral queries, informal advice and support, please telephone 01904 465100.

Exclusion criteria

Our assessments aim to be inclusive – places will generally be offered unless there are specific concerns about a person’s suitability. Our only specific exclusion criteria are for service users who:

  • are aged under 18    
  • have a diagnosis of moderate to profound learning disability
  • have significant problems as a result of brain injury
  • have alcohol, substance misuse or an eating disorder as an over-riding issue.

Reference:  L964 
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Last updated:  07 / 03 / 2017
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