rvice users group

We are a group of individuals from the eating disorders service who meet on a monthly basis as part of a service user group.  We are people who have been affected by eating difficulties and disorders.  We welcome other sufferers from the Durham and Tees Valley area, who may or may be waiting to, or are receiving treatment from the community services.

The group was set up in June 2007 and was intially aimed at developing and evaluating the eating disorders service.  It is a self-help and support forum for service users who are involved with the eating disorders service or who ar awaiting treatment.

The group offer a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere for anyone who is suffering with food related issues.  The aim is to provide a supportive place for problems, sharing thoughts and successes.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month.  The meeting starts at 1.30pm and finishes at 3.00pm and is held at West Park Hospital in Darlington.  Please meet in reception.

For further information contact:

Donna Davidson

Tel. 01642 550863

Email. donna.davidson1@nhs.net

Maggie South

Email. maggie.south@nhs.net  


Carers group

We are a mutual support group for carers’ who look after people currently involved with TEWV's eating disorders services.  We welcome carers from the Durham and Tees Valley area who may have a loved one who is receiving treatment from the inpatient, day service or community services.

The group offer a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere for anyone who is caring for someone having difficulties with food related issues. The aim is to provide a supportive place for the free exchange of information, experiences and feelings about eating problems. The meetings are completely confidential and open to all. 

So whether the person you care for has been diagnosed with a particular eating disorder or not, whether they are receiving treatment or if they are at a recovery stage you are welcome to just turn up to the meeting.

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month.  The meeting starts at 6pm and finishes about 7.30pm and is held at Imperial Avenue, Norton or West Park Hospital, Darlington.

To find out the venue for the next meeting or if you require any further information, contact: Intensive Day Services on 01642 550863.