You can contact your local mental health crisis team direct:

  • Durham – 0191 4415738
  • Darlington – 01325 552230
  • Hartlepool – 01429 285858
  • Stockton – 01642 524714
  • Middlesbrough - 01642 680706
  • Redcar and Cleveland – 01642 838300
  • Northallerton – 01609 763702
  • Harrogate – 01423  553778
  • York – 01904 526582
  • Scarborough – 01723 384645


What is the crisis and intensive home treatment team?

We provide specialist assessment for people aged 18 years and older who need urgent mental health care. We assess and identify your needs, including mental health, physical health, social care, any risks to you or others, your strengths and hopes for recovery.


The team includes a range of professionals and may include nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, support workers, doctors and trainee staff.


When we have assessed your mental health needs we will work with you to plan the next steps of your recovery. This may include a referral to another service or a period of intensive home treatment. 


Intensive home treatment may include:

  • psychological wellbeing / talking therapies
  • information sharing
  • medicine
  • staying well planning and self-management with an emphasis on recovery
  • we may access other services to assist with health promotion.


The Trust believes collaboration is essential to recovery focused care planning, therefore service users and their carers or family members are as important in this process as the mental health team that supports you.


We believe recovery to be a process which can include personal, clinical and social factors; your personal goals will be our priority.

Our values are very much about your independence and your discharge will:

  • be discussed and planned
  • involve your GP
  • include other service information if we have agreed to refer you to another service for further treatment
  • include information for how to access our services in the future.



If you have been referred by your GP or another service

We will contact you to arrange a face to face assessment and aim to be with you in 4 hours. After the assessment, we may recommend another service to meet your needs or make recommendations to your GP. If we need to better understand your mental health needs we will continue to assess your mental health needs for 3 days following your assessment.


We will work together with you to:

  • develop an intervention plan
  • arrange for you to receive intensive home treatment
  • develop a staying well plan for you.


We will plan your next steps and may refer you to another service for further care or make recommendations to your GP.


Your family, carers and supporters will be offered a carers assessment.


Crisis assessment                     

This assessment helps us to understand the factors involved in your mental health crisis. We will ask you about your current health, including your physical wellbeing and any sources of stress you may be experiencing.


You are encouraged to share any previous experiences that have been beneficial or any existing care you are receiving from mental health services. The assessment time can vary and you will be given time to tell us about your problems. The place/venue for your assessment will have been agreed with you prior to your assessment. Family, carers or supporters are encouraged to be involved in your assessment.


We understand that some people recover quicker and with a greater sense of independence at home, as such we will always try to deliver intensive mental health care in the community.


Intensive home treatment

This treatment is an alternative to hospital admission and is delivered in the community. 


We can provide psychological wellbeing/ talking therapies and medical (medicine) treatments for a range of mental health difficulties.


We can come to see you twice a day and will gradually reduce our involvement once the mental health crisis begins to resolve.


Your care is reviewed every day and you may be introduced to another health care team member to help your recovery.


Sometimes, people may need additional mental health care we will talk to you about this and agree the next steps.

Support organisations

Anxiety UK


08444 775 774



0300 100 1234



0300 1233 3399

or text 86463



0844 477 9400

National Debt Line


0808 808 4000

NHS Choices



Welfare rights


01387 266888



Help lines


Provide confidential, non-judgemental emotional support 24 hours

a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair.



07725 909090


Freephone 116 123


Mental Health Matters

Provide support and care for people with mental health problems.

(6pm to 6am) 

0800 085 7027


A national mental health charity that provides information and emotional support to anyone affected by mental illness.

(6pm to 11pm)

0845 7678000



Information for family, carers and supporters

Family members and carers can play an important role in a person’s wellbeing and their recovery. We do recognise that it is important that we also provide you with support and information about local family and carer support agencies.


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Last updated: 03/07/2018
Archive date:  02/07/2021