We receive  hundreds letters of thanks and praise for our services from the people who use them, their carers and families. We have included a selection of them here.... 

About specific teams, sites or services

County Durham crisis team clinical leads 

“God sent me two angels, who resurrected the life in me. Thank you is a word inadequate to express my gratitude.”

About our Picktree ward, Bowes Lyon Unit, Lanchester Road Hospital, Durham

"We can take comfort in knowing that over the last three and a half months we had finally found somewhere where we were given the best treatment, care and understanding of the illness. When others turned their backs, you were all there and the help and comfort you gave us was second to none. We were given quality of life, dignity and respect from all of you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts" from a patient's family.

West Park Hospital, Darlington 

"We want to thank all staff for the way in which you cared for my husband during the last few weeks of his life.  It was so important that he was able to spend his last days in such a caring environment with such an impeccably high standard of care, delivered with such warmth.  It has been a great comfort to the family.  All staff were so kind and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. West Park Hospital is truly an amazing place.  Thank you once again to each and every one of you for the wonderful work you do in helping those with mental health issues."

Physiotherapy service, Abdale House, Harrogate 

The services provided by the physiotherapists have been very beneficial. They are a touching profession and they are able to detect wellbeing via physical interaction. They are flexible, with considerable sensitivity and perception. Without the services of physiotherapy staff we would be very concerned about the future of our son. They have a vital role in our son’s treatment and thus to the general wellbeing of our family.”

Ward 15, The Friarage Hospital, Northallerton

“At a time when I felt very vulnerable, you stepped in to guide me back to recovery. It’s very difficult to find the words to thank you all for what you have done. You’re a wonderful example of what’s great about teamwork and how it works so well when it’s done properly.”

Durham and Darlington young onset dementia team 

“I have been really well looked after. I would never have got through my difficulties if I hadn’t had so much help from the wonderful team at West Park Hospital.”

Redcar and Cleveland psychosis team

“They are very helpful and understand the needs that both patient and family require when a family member becomes ill.”

Rowan Lea, Cross Lane Hospital, Scarborough

I received excellent care and good food. There was good advice given by nurses and doctors. I was escorted on outings by staff and given short times at home to help introduce myself back home. These things really helped me to adjust to going home.”

Harrogate memory team, Alexander House, Knaresborough

“The documentation I received prior to my appointment was wonderful, the way it was put together was so clear. It was superb. No one could possibly object to any of the questions asked. I am so impressed with the whole thing. I look forward to my first attendance.”

Newberry Centre, West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough

“I would like to say a big thank you for everything you have done for our daughter. When I first brought her in six months ago I was full of trepidation leaving her in the care of others. Now I can look back and see it was the best move ever. I’ve found the staff very helpful, when I’ve had worries they have always found time to listen. Most importantly due to the care and commitment given to her she is now on the road to ‘recovery’. So to each person who played a part in this…a big thank you!” from a service user’s Mum.

General comments

“Not only was my partner looked after in a most wonderful way but the caring encompassed me and our son. We were supported in every possible way and kept informed at each stage of his admission – there was always someone to talk to us.” From a service user’s partner 

“Thank you for helping me with transition into civilian life from the army. You sat and listened to my stories while I’ve cried and you remained professional and supportive, helping me come to terms with things and realise things are actually ok.” From a staff member and former army personnel.