We take health care associated infection seriously and make all attempts minimise the risk of transmission of infection.

All health care premises are busy environments caring for patients who have a wide variety of needs. While you are in health care premises you can expect the environment to be clean and tidy. 

Our staff can also protect you by washing their hands with soap and water or by using an alcohol gel.  If a member of staff needs to examine you or perform a procedure, do not be afraid to ask if they have washed their hands.

When you’re at any of our hospitals or sites as a patient or visitor, there are a number of ways you can help to reduce the spread of infection and keep the environment clean.


Please do not bring any infection in with you.  If you have an infection such as a cold or diarrhoea, try not to visit until you are completely better.  Do not sit or lie on a patient’s bed; please use the chairs that are provided.  Please help us to keep the environment clean and tidy.


  • We ask that you keep your rooms reasonably free of objects to help the housekeeping staff keep the environment clean.  If you or your visitors are concerned that something has not been cleaned, then please tell the ward staff and they will attend to it as soon as possible.
  • Keeping your hands and body clean are important when you are in health care premises.  If you are coming to stay in one of our hospitals, you should bring with you personal toiletries, including a clean flannel and we provide soap. Gentlemen should bring their own razor. 
  • Make sure you always wash your hands or use a hand wipe after using the toilet and before meals.  Having a container of moist wipes with you will ensure you always have something available when you need to clean your hands. 
  • Always wear something on your feet when walking around in health care premises and leave them on the floor when you're not wearing them.
  • You should expect to find clean bath and shower facilities and please ask nursing staff if you need cleaning equipment for the bath or shower after your own personal use, as this is often kept separate for health and safety reasons. 

If you are worried about any infections or have any concerns regarding cleanliness of the ward or unit, please speak to a member of staff who will answer any questions you may have.   You can ask to speak to the unit matron.

Our infection prevention and control staff

We have a nominated director of infection prevention and control, who also holds the position of director of nursing and governance. The director of infection prevention and control chairs our infection prevention and control committee which monitors significant infection prevention and control activity and ensures our board is aware of any relevant issues.

The director of infection prevention and control publishes:

The trust employs two full time qualified infection prevention and control nurses.

For further information please contact:

Elizabeth Moody, director of nursing and governance. Tel: 0191 333 6533

Infection prevention and control nurse (Durham). Tel: 0191 333 6343

Infection prevention and control nurse (Middlesbrough). Tel: 01642 451535