Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by minimising the impact of mental ill health or a learning disability and to help people lead a healthy, self-determined life.

Our aim is to deliver the perfect patient experience, each and every time. 

This is not only about the effectiveness of our staff and the services they work in but crucially also about the way we work with each person who is referred to our services and, where appropriate, their family and carers. 

Why do we need a strategy?

Our vision is to be a recognised centre of excellence with high quality staff providing high quality services that exceed people’s expectations.

Our quality strategy for 2014 - 2019 sets a clear direction and outlines what the Trust expects from all of us as we (the staff) work towards our vision of providing excellent quality care. It helps us continue to improve the quality and value of our work, whilst making sure that TEWV remains clinically and financially sustainable.

What do we mean by quality?

We believe our services must:

  • provide the perfect experience - this means that the people who use our services feel they are listened to, engaged with and treated with compassion, respect and dignity
  • be appropriate – this means that treatment and care is effective and  does no harm, is based on evidence and meets the needs of the individuals who use our services
  • be effective – this means that what we do makes a positive difference to people’s lives

To achieve this we must also:

  • reduce waste – this means we remove or minimise any activity that does not add value or is wasteful to people who use our services, our staff and our other stakeholders
  • build upon the standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), commissioners and professional bodies.

Our ambition

To ensure safe, patient centred and effective high quality care and treatment, delivered by valued individuals and teams.

Our four quality goals

Goal 1:

Everyone who uses our services has a positive experience and feeds back that they were listened to, engaged in their care and treated with compassion, respect and dignity.

To deliver this we will ensure that:

  • 90% of patients tell us that their overall experience of our services was excellent
  • all patients are given a choice of when and where their appointments take place
  • a minimum of 90% of patients who require inpatient treatment are admitted to their local hospital or the hospital of their choice
  • each patient has a copy of their care plan, which they have been actively involved in developing
  • by 2017/18 all our acute assessment and treatment beds will be in single en-suite bedrooms.

Goal 2:

We reduce to a minimum the harm that people who use our service suffer

To deliver this we will ensure that:
• we reduce the incidence of harms caused to patients by at least 10% per year of this strategy
• improvements to services and practice are made as a result of us learning lessons from audits, serious untoward incidents, complaints and feedback.

Goal 3:

We will deliver excellent outcomes as reported by patients and clinicians.

To deliver this we will ensure that:
• every team demonstrates a year on year improvement in patient reported outcomes 
• every team demonstrates a year on year improvement in clinician reported outcomes 
• all the services and treatments we deliver are evidence based
• we have the right number of appropriately skilled staff to support the delivery of the improved outcomes.

Goal 4:

Our staff feel positively engaged with the Trust

To deliver this we will ensure that:
• we implement our workforce strategy and associated action plan
• we deliver year on year improvement in local and national staff survey results throughout the lifetime of this strategy.

How will we achieve our goals?

Our quality strategy is supported by three frameworks.

The patient experience framework

The patient experience framework will help us:

  • provide the perfect patient experience
  • ensure patient feedback is used to continually improve services
  • make sure the views and experiences of those that use services are at the centre of all we do.

The patient safety framework

The patient safety framework will help us:

  • ensure that treatment and care is appropriate, safe and ‘do no harm’
  • reduce harm to those who use our services
  • monitor and improve patient safety.

The clinical effectiveness framework

The clinical effectiveness framework will help us:

  • make sure continuous improvement is based on the effectiveness and outcomes of our services
  • measure and assure ourselves of the effectiveness and outcomes of services, treatments and pathways.

It is also supported by:

The workforce strategy

The workforce strategy will help us:

  • involve staff in decision making
  • develop great leaders and managers
  • make sure every role counts.

The clinical assurance framework

The clinical assurance framework will help us:

  • manage and monitor the quality of, and risks to the delivery of our services.

TEWV quality improvement system

TEWV quality improvement system will help us:

  • improve quality and safety
  • provide more effective and efficient services
  • increase staff involvement in improving services.


How do we know we are delivering our quality strategy?

We have developed a quality strategy ‘scorecard’ which outlines the metrics and targets against which we will measure our progress.

These scorecards will be reviewed quarterly by the Trust’s Quality Assurance Committee and reported to the Board of Directors.

All of us have an important contribution to make if we are to succeed in achieving our goals and we will provide regular feedback on our progress through a variety of reports.

Martin Barkley
Chief Executive

The Trust's strategies, including the quality strategy, framework and scorecards, are available on our website.

If you would like more information or have any queries about the strategy please contact Elizabeth Moody, Director of Nursing and Governance (elizabeth.moody1@nhs.net).